Roses, Peonies , Eucalyptus , Lavender, Pampas Grass, Wheat, Ranunculus, Snap Dragons, and so many more options........

 what's your flower of choice? Let us help you find your perfect bouquet.

Wedding Flowers 

As an added in-house service for our clients, we are now offering floral  packages that can be attached to any planning / directing package. While we are not a traditional florist, we are pretty good at basic floral arranging . We are happy to offer wedding party flowers , center pieces , hanging greenery pieces and basic alter pieces . If you are color specific and not exotic flower specific bride, this package may be a great budget friendly option for you .  For the finer detailed pieces , we gladly share you with one of our amazingly talented florists. We know our talents AND our limitations. The perks of our floral packages : you get wholesale pricing , no additional charges for labor IF already booked with one of our planning packages , and no delivery charge . Show your vision and we will discuss the best fit you: SBE florals or one of our preferred florists.


for our brides
their maids


Decor Flowers 

We can help you style the wedding of your dreams as we fill the venue with your vision.  From SIMPLE greenery to colorful blooming buds, we will arrange all your centerpieces , extra floral touches for your cake , signage swags and alter pieces .