Frequently Asked Questions

What can an event planner provide for me and my plans?


In addition to making your event a reality , a consultant can keep you within your budget, save your precious time, and prevent you from making costly mistakes in negotiating contracts. With our hurried lifestyles, many of us do not have the time or patience for detailed planning and  extensive preparation for a flawless event. A professional consultant can handle the details and allow you the freedom to enjoy your special event stress-free.

With a very small budget, how can I afford an event planner?


It is more important to have a planner when you have a small budget. A planner will have an understanding for your needs and desires plus your limited budget. They will point you toward those vendors who will meet your needs and work within your budget. They will help you avoid costly mistakes.


Will the planner make all of the decisions leaving me out?


A professional event planner works with and for you. They can make suggestions or handle every last detail. The choice is yours. It's your event , you can do as little or as much as you  desire.

My best friend and/or relative wants to help me plan my wedding. Do I really need a professional planner?


Are you willing to alienate a friend or family member? The stress of your special event can place relationships in peril. Sometimes helpful people do not take seriously some important task  or follow through on a vital assignment. A planner will always be 100% professional,complete all details and provide you with a flawless, stress-free event.


I want my wedding to be unique. Will a planner be willing to work  'outside the box'?


The planner works for you. They will take your vision and work together with you to make it happen. They can provide information about etiquette and tradition but the decision is yours.